Interview: Marcus Santoro



Big talent in a small city, Melbourne’ Marcus Santoro,lights up the house, music fuses at the mere age of just 18. Aligning progressive and big room house euphoria with a sprig of trance behind the console; and a similar notion within the locked doors of the studio he has nailed his musical taste buds.

Name: Marcus Santoro
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Progressive House/Trance

Instagram: – I’m very happy to announce our first guest to visit us on, one of Australia’s rising stars of the EDM scene, Marcus Santoro!

Marcus, thanks for joining us today!

Marcus Santoro: Thanks for having me guys, appreciate it! : Now with all this buzz going around about your upcoming releases, How would you describe your style of music to someone that is new to your brand of progressive sound?

Marcus Santoro: My style of Progressive House is well known to be very melodic, with really cool and driving bass-lines, vocals and big chords…and also, can’t forget powerful moving drums! I think the style resembles Trance in some ways, or Trance has been now inspired by the genre, vice-versa. : What would your greatest achievement be so far, and why?

Marcus Santoro: My greatest achievement was probably when my single ‘Open Your Eyes’ (with Will K & Daniel Gregorio featuring Mitch Thompson) charted in the Top20 on North American Radio at #11, was super close getting to the Top10 but there’s always a next time! Also, debuting the single at Good Life Festival in 2013 on the main-stage in front of 15 thousand people, will never forget that moment! : What are you currently working on?

Marcus Santoro: I’m currently working on a few collaborations, as well as some solo material, I have 2 new singles coming out soon, with Jason Forte ‘Torque’ on Sony Music Australia’s “BASIK” imprint, and I also have another single coming out with MITS “You & I” due on Neon Records very soon, either this month or next, either way, just in time for Miami Music Week! I’m also working on a few remixes, including a new one for Denzal Park which features Evermore on the vocals. You’re going to hear a lot of quality Marcus Santoro music! : Your favourite producers at the present time and why?

Marcus Santoro: My favourite producers right now are hands down Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman from Sweden. They are killing it with their sound, and I love their melodies, they are really inspiring my new music lately. I really feel that they are the future of this genre. They are definitely on my ‘Collab List’ for the future! Also, I’m really liking what Helena is doing right now! : Who is your Biggest influence?

Marcus Santoro: Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso. Both artists are the reason why I started to write House music, and music in general for that matter. They can do no wrong with their records, I feel that they captivate the audience because not only is their music so powerful, but it just has so much meaning, and I feel that House music these days is lacking that with all the big room kicks and such, they stay true to their sound and that is why I love them. It was an absolute honour to have met Sebastian when Swedish House Mafia came to Australia for their One Last Tour in Melbourne and I remember telling him I was going to (and I quote:) “SEND YOU SOME MUSIC SEBASTIAN!” and he looked at me and said ‘Thank you so much.” When the time comes, and I feel I’m ready to, I’ll be doing that for sure. : Ok Marcus, its time for some of KlubTrax’s HARD HITTING QUESTIONS!!!!

you’re on a Deserted island. You can be with one famous DJ and you can take one item of value.  Who would it be, what would your take, and why?

Marcus Santoro: That’s a hard one, but I’d probably have to take Axwell and most likely a laptop so he can teach me his “professor” ways of production hahaha : Do you have a secret Famous Crush?

Marcus Santoro: Victoria Justice, she is like a goddess among humanity. : Finish this sentence.

“Music is….

Marcus Santoro: The reason why I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. : Ok marcus, thanks soo much for joining us today, we appreciate your time and we are looking forward to seeing you in the near future

Marcus Santoro: Thank you for the interview, hope to deliver some really awesome music this year for everyone! It was a pleasure.


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