Martin Garrix reveals why “animals” is a number one hit!



Mr controversy himself “deadmau5” (DJ/Producer) has come under a fire the last few days in the wake one of the worlds biggest festival, “Ultra”.

Deadmau5 made countless tweets stating:

“lemme know if garrix plays animals… and the set contains at LEAST 1 countdown from 10. thanks.” – deadmau5

“ah, animals! what a surprise!” – deadmau5

“throwing some random bullshit together for the set… holy shit I’m such a dick, this is gunna be awesome.” -deadmau5


After Tweeting these comments out to his 2.74million followers, Deadmau5 closed Ultra with a edit of Martin garrix’s songs “animals”, turning the drop into “old macdonald had a farm”. (instagram @edmfestivaltv for footage)

Garrix now finally has hit back at deadmau5 and to all his critics, giving EDMFestivalTV an exclusive interview explaining why “animals” is a number one hit!




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